Fitness Testing & The LMF Story

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing at LMF takes place approximately every ten weeks. This is done both to track improvement and to ensure that each member is placed within the correct fitness group. Few accomplishments will bring you more joy than the right to wear the next level bib!

Health Questionnaire

Before coming to your free, no-commitment first session, you will need to sign up from our Booking page. Part of this process involves a health questionnaire. This is so that LMF can take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the exercises are safe and appropriate for each individual.

The LMF Story

One Man Mission

Leading Military Fitness began life as Lostock Military Fitness. It was the idea of Dave Marshall who was living in Lostock Gralam, a local area outside Northwich in Cheshire. 

When Dave first moved into the area he looked around for challenging outdoor fitness classes, military style sessions that were authentic and reminded him of his time serving as a Physical Training Instructor in the British Army. When it became obvious that there was nothing which offered the rigour and high standards he was looking for, in early February 2018 Dave took matters into his own hands.

After arranging a suitable venue with the local council, he advertised his new fitness class online through social media and in person, delivering 1000 flyers to local residents.  

Joining Up

That first session took place on a bitterly cold and wet evening in February 2018. Seventeen people turned up and Dave took his first payments using a small cash tin in the boot of his car. Such was its success that members were soon asking for a second night and what began as a personal ambition to help local people get fit and stay fit with authentic military methods soon developed into a thriving small business.


Although Facebook had been a useful online rallying point at first, it quickly became obvious that a more professional online presence was required. With the expertise of Sites By James, a brand new website was created which provided a comprehensive view of LMF’s mission, background information about Dave’s time in the British Army, images and videos of training sessions, a blog and a rundown of the program’s benefits. These were supplemented by some truly gratifying testimonials from members whose before and after pictures showed just how transformative LMF can be.

New Regiments

LMF’s guiding vision of changing people’s lives for the better through fitness was obviously meeting a need and had proved to be extremely popular within the community.  With a view to expanding, Dave assessed a number of other local areas and found a small village called Kelsall. This had the perfect park for fitness sessions. One year to the day of starting Lostock Military Fitness, LMF – Kelsall was born on 7th Feb 2019. Still using the same cash tin but offering card payments more members joined the LMF family. 


With a full time job in finance and a young family, Dave needed help to continue to grow LMF as the membership continued to grow and classes got busier. Dave interviewed several people with Richard McGrorey eventually beating a strong field to become LMF’s new Instructor. A fantastic trainer, ex British Army Physical Training Instructor and a retired firefighter with years of experience already gained through his career, Rich was the perfect fit for the LMF members and worked alongside Dave in opening a new park in Knutsford. Deciding that the team still needed to grow, Dave hired again. Fawn Lucas-Stokes’ enthusiasm, ideas and energy made her stand head and shoulders above the other applicants. As a PE teacher in a secondary school with a wealth of knowledge and qualifications, she has added fantastic quality to the business and consistently delivers great sessions. 


Sadly, one month after opening the new Knutsford Park, the Covid pandemic swept across the country. LMF was hit hard with almost 50% of members having to cancel because of their own personal situations. Fortunately, however, LMF had at this point become part of people’s lives and long lasting friendships had been created. 

Thanks to members’ amazing loyalty, LMF survived the various interminable lockdowns by doing online HIIT sessions, quiz nights and offering free Saturday morning sessions. Numbers soared once again as we came out of lockdown so plans were made to add another level of expertise to LMF’s services. Nutrition expert Matt Meadows was brought on board to offer meal plan advice and day trips became part of LMF’s increasingly important social side. Yet another instructor, Jessica Craig, has now joined the ranks while day sessions for parents and shift workers have been created. 

Further Expansion

With the new site now running in Stockport under Fawn’s leadership, this will bring LMF’s roster of boot camps up to four. Online live sessions to capture those people with busy lives and families who just don’t have time to get to a class but could train from the comfort of their own homes an early morning is just one of the ideas currently being worked on.

Everyone in Team LMF (instructors and members) feels immense pride in both how far we’ve come and in the way we have all worked together on our fitness through rain and shine, mud and snow, sweat and tears. Our promise to you is simple: that’s not going to change.


As the popularity of boot camps continued to rise, it was inevitable that less professional outfits would appear. In July of 2022,  it was decided to protect LMF’s reputation by registering it as a trademark.